Matter of Principal - September

Matter of Principal - August/September
Posted on 08/31/2020

Dear Parents and Students,
Our typical greeting for a “back to school” letter would have been a hope that all of you had a good relaxing break, which still is! But we know that this break was not even close to a normal summer break.  
We have been wondering about how to welcome you back to a school year which is not only disrupted by a global pandemic but also by our local situation of campus split.  Then, we thought of an article that we shared with our staff as a welcome back message.  The article is written by Prakash Iyer, “Have you heard of Choluteca Bridge”. We would like you to read the article (attached).

We will be starting our high school at two campuses – North High School (NHS) with Susan Boyd as the associate principal and the South High School (SHS) with Doug Lamb as the associate principal. Bharati Singh is dividing her time equally at both campuses.

We have few new staff members joining our team - Arlene Nijjar, Cole McGregor, Sara Bouke-Jaska, Hannah Slomp, Luc McKay, and Krista Royer. Alex Falk and Lindsay Milburn will be returning to our team. We have included important “back to school” information in this newsletter. More detailed information will be provided in due time.

Now back to the article, the Choluteca Bridge is a perfect metaphor for what we all are going through. The events of the last six months compel us to think about this metaphor of a bridge. The river has changed its course and we need to adapt. The “Built to Last” is a good mantra but “Build to adapt” is more relevant now. Everyone at FFCA has been working hard to prepare our campuses to safely welcome students on September 8th. We are all excited to see students back at school.

Yours in Education,
Bharati Singh, Susan Boyd, Doug Lamb