Matter of Principal - October

Matter of Principal - October
Posted on 10/01/2020

Dear Parents,

 This has been a different start of the school year. But now that we are slowly settling into our routines, the teaching and learning feel normal. Granted, we have to change many of our practices to make the school safe for all. Staff and students are doing everything that they can do to keep everyone safe. We are providing constant reminders to students so that it becomes a second nature to follow COVID-19 protocols. We believe that to keep the virus at bay we have to teach our students new ways of interaction and socializing so that this becomes a life skill for them. This will not only help them in school but in their day-to-day life. We want you to support the school in teaching these skills by reminding them at home.

 We have completed course changes for the in-person students and everyone is slowly settling down in their classes. Students in online classes have started their core courses from Monday. The leadership and elective for grade 9 will start in the first week of Oct. With the high school spilt and online classes the high school is now operating in two different physical spaces and a virtual space. As we take a breath from the reactive mode to become proactive about our goals for this year, we are very intentional about maintaining the philosophy of “One High School, Two Campuses”. The staff is working as one team to provide the best program to our students at each campus. The core of our charter is guiding us to prioritize academic excellence through character and Leadership. As indicated in our earlier communication, Mrs. Boyd is at the NHS and Mr. Lamb is at the SHS. I am devoting my time equally to each campus. Due to the COVID protocols, visitors are not allowed in the buildings but you can always reach out to us through phone or emails.

 We want to acknowledge our gratitude to the Board, Central Office to guide and support us during the spilt and getting pandemic ready.

 Please feel free to reach out to us whenever you have a question,


Yours in Education,


Bharati Singh
Susan Boyd
Doug Lamb