Matter of Principal - October

Matter of Principal - October
Posted on 10/01/2019

Dear Parents,

Time flies when we are having fun! I cannot believe that we are in school for more than a month. On my regular classroom round today, I found a group of students huddled together in the hallway and reviewing their Biology notes. When I asked them what are they doing being outside their classroom, and one of the students replied, "we have a work period, and I am helping my friends with Bio". My heart filled with pride! It is a real example of student leadership and character in action. As I go about my day here at the high school, I have so many such interactions with students taking charge of their learning. Our student's desire to excel motivate all adults in the building to provide the best learning environment for all. 

This year once again, the admin team has an intentional goal of providing a safe, caring and welcoming place for learning. Every conversation and interaction we have with our stakeholders, be that a student, parent, staff or a community member, we try to role-model a shared responsibility for a safe place for our students. Please join us in our commitment to provide a safe, caring and welcoming place for everyone.

Speaking about our young leaders, Zain T. a grade 11 student has been selected to be on the Minister's Youth Council this year.

Zain will bring the student's voice on the issues impacting students in Alberta and in general. Congratulations Zain!


We are always available for a conversation and or a question.

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Yours in Education, 

Bharati Singh, Principal Educator
Doug Lamb, Associate Principal
Sue Boyd, Associate Principal