Matter of Principal - May

Matter of Principal May
Posted on 05/01/2019

Measuring Success

Dear Parents,

Each year, at the beginning of the second semester, every student participates in the Student Feedback survey. In this survey, every student provides feedback to at least three of their first semester teachers. The questions are related to a) engagement in class b) teacher's expectations in class c) homework d) critical thinking e) timely feedback by the teacher f) safe and caring learning environment. Every teacher gets enough data from student feedback to review their practice. This also becomes the basis of their professional growth plan each year. Last year, we added the admin piece also in this survey to get feedback on the admin team's practice.

From the feedback, we saw our student's desire to know their administration more. They felt that there were not enough opportunities for students to interact with their admin team on an informal level. Based on that three of us have made ourselves available to the students - an informal meeting called SnackChat! The admin brings a snack to have a chat with the students once a month. It has been a great experience for three of us, and the number of students coming to Snack chat is steadily increasing. It provides us with insight into our student's school life - their challenges, joy, stresses and strengths. We hope that with this meeting we reach out and connect with a handful of students each time.

On another aspect of the partnership, a large number of our school council and school society members will be retiring as their students are graduating this year. We are seeking new members for both of these parent bodies. I cannot emphasize their contribution to our high school enough! Through their efforts the school can provide scholarships, purchase technology, equipment and support various student-led initiatives.

I encourage all of you to attend our AGM on May 6th and join any of these two parent bodies to support the HS in providing the best possible learning environment for all.

The staff and admin team is always available for a discussion or to answer your questions. We value your partnership and input into your child's education.

Together in education,

Bharati Singh

Joshua Symonds

Susan Boyd