Matter of Principal - December

Matter of Principal - December
Posted on 12/02/2019

December is the perfect time for reminiscing and examining the year that has just passed, and in 2019 we can do the same for an entire decade. The airwaves and Internet are about to flooded with Year-In-Review articles, and all sorts of Best and Worst-of lists. Nostalgia is a universal feeling, shared by all races, cultures, and even ages. Our students love going back over their old yearbooks, or sharing stories about teachers and classes and friends from our middle and elementary schools. I’m sure your families are the same.

For FFCA, our Decade-In-Review would be a story about incredible growth and success: growing to seven campuses, 3600+ students and a waitlist of thousands, first-rate Athletic teams and Fine Arts programs, and academic performances that place us as the top public High School in the city, and 2
nd in the province. We have a lot to look back on and be proud of.

But December is also the perfect time to look forward too – to the new year, a new decade, and the challenges and opportunities just over the horizon. So while we are reminiscing about the past, please also take time this month to look forward - big things are coming for our students and for the high school, and you can help make these things happen! Please consider a donation in-lieu to our School Council, support our Musical and Athletics events, or even just take the Alberta Government’s Choice in Education Survey: ( Together we can ensure that our next ten years will be just as successful as the last twenty-two!

Yours in Education,

Bharati Singh
Doug Lamb
Susan Boyd