Matter of Principal - April

Matter of Principal - April
Posted on 04/01/2019

Measuring Success

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope everyone had a relaxing break and had an opportunity to do some of the activities you always want to do but can't find the time. I was fortunate enough to relax and travel a bit and most importantly get caught up on some of my readings. Somehow, I ended up reading books on some of the darkest times of human history or human conditions. But, even in those darkest times, the resiliency of human goodness shined a light of hope! In those horrifying incidents, stories of heroes, some of them young children were remarkable. As we focus on the last leg of this academic year, my hope for our students - short term and long term is that they become the conscientious leaders and work towards making the world a better place. At the end of the day, they get satisfaction that they made someone's day little bit better, that they were kind!

In the upcoming weeks, we would be working on the course selection process for next year's courses. We hope that your child had discussed the recommendations provided by the teacher with you. The "High School Planning Guide' is available online to you as a resource. The course recommendation letters have the recommendations from your child's current subject teachers. These recommendations are based on your child's current achievement, skills, interests. Students have an opportunity to appeal the recommendation which may lead to a discussion and finally an informed decision. We believe that these conversations are crucial in setting up students to succeed.

Our Student Union is organizing its second annual career fair - "Foundations for Your Future' on April 12th in the afternoon. They have more than 40 different careers represented by our alumni and members of the larger community. We encourage all students to attend the fair.

Once again our January diploma results were exceptional! We want to congratulate you and express our appreciation for the trust you have extended to us in this partnership.

As always, we are available to answer your questions or for a conversation.

On behalf of the admin team Bharati Singh