Goals & Guideline



FFCA High School scholarships are offered to graduating students in order to:

Ø  Recognize and reward students who have distinguished themselves in the areas established by the criteria designated by each scholarship.

Ø  Encourage attitudes and efforts towards excellence on the part of all students.

Ø  Develop appreciation of, and commitment to, all the various areas of programming and character development that are promoted by the school.

Ø  Encourage a sense of community in our school.

Ø  Value the pursuit of post-secondary education.




Ø  Scholarships should:

1.    Recognize and reward areas of school programming;

2.    Be consistent with the vision, mission and values of FFCA:

3.    Be associated with the demonstration of good character;

4.    Be consistent at the level of $1000 per scholarship, unless indicated otherwise;

5.    Recognize a wide variety of school endeavors and accomplishments;

6.    Be planned in consultation with the High School administrative team;

7.    Respect the guidelines for developing criteria and awarding scholarships.

Ø  Determining scholarships and criteria:

1.    ASC and Casino Society scholarships and their criteria will be determined by the ASC and the Societies in consultation with the High School administration.

2.    A list of existing scholarships and desired scholarships is in the appendix.

Ø  Awarding Scholarships:

1.    High School administration to present and confirm the scholarship program list at the ASC meeting in November.

2.    The list of available scholarships for the year will be posted on the High School website on first day of II semester (February 3, 2021).

3.    A webmail message will be sent on April 19, 2021 to grade twelve parents and students for changed dates.

4.    The applications will be made available on the high school website on April 19, 2021.

5.    High School administration along with Shelley Geran will promote the scholarship with grade twelve students April 26, 2021. (Through Edsby).

6.    Scholarship applications will be submitted to High School administration and verified for completeness and judged for character considerations by May 25, 2021.  (Character considerations are sensitive and protected professional discussions.  The FFCA Character virtues of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Compassion and Self-Discipline will be used as criteria for judging character.) The High School administration team will consist of the Principal and both Associate Principals as a minimum.

7.    The scholarships applications will be made available to the Council no later than May 31, 2021.

8.    The applications will then be considered by participating ASC or Campus Casino Societies along with High School administration to pick a winner by June 11, 2021. The Councils will provide the winner’s names and the presenter’s name to the high school by June 11, 2021.

9.    Considering the pandemic, the confirmation letter will be sent to the winners of the scholarships by the end of the academic year.

10.  Scholarship donations will be made to the FFCA Head Office where they will be financially administered.

11.  All scholarship awards will be sent directly to the institution where the student is registered.

12.  Scholarships must be used within 2 years of graduation.