Principal's Message

Matter of Principal - December
As we near the end of the first term it is hard not to be reflective. Time, as always, has passed quicker than anticipated. It seems like August was yesterday and the start of the summer, the day before. But it is November and we are approximately 25%
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Matter of Principal - November
At FFCA High School we work with students in many ways and have some very intentional talking points....
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Matter of Principal - October
Time flies when we are having fun! I cannot believe that we are in school for more than a month.…
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Matter of Principal - August / September
We trust you had a relaxing summer break and had a chance to spend quality time with your family. It is a pleasure to welcome our students and you as partner in education...
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Matter of Principal May
Measuring Success Dear Parents, Each year, at the beginning of the second semester, every student participates in the Student Feedback survey. In this survey, every student provides feedback to at least three of their first semester teachers. The questions…
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Matter of Principal - April
Measuring Success Dear Parents and Students, I hope everyone had a relaxing break and had an opportunity to do some of the activities you always want to do but can’t find the time. I was fortunate enough to relax and travel a bit and most importantly
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Matter of Principal - March
Measuring Success Dear Parents, It is the time of year when those involved in high school life are immersed in the present and in planning for the next school year. For students this looks like attending elective town halls to learn about elective…
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Matter of Principal - February
“We will open the book. Its pages are blank.We are going to put words on them ourselves.The book is called Opportunity and itsfirst chapter begins” the day we start. - Edith Lovejoy Pierce Semester II has arrived! It is a great time to…
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Matter of Principal - January
Measuring Success Dear Parents, ‘We know these words describe the kind of inclusive school climate we want for our children—an environment where students, parents and staff feel safe, comfortable, and accepted. It’s a climate where students are…
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