Welcome to FFCA High School

We are excited to report that we now have
two high school campuses

FFCA North High School Campus
FFCA South High School Campus



Zoom Webinar 

“On Feb 2 the high school hosted a Zoom webinar to welcome and share information with our current FFCA grade 8 families. The webinar is about one hour long and explains gr9 specific information as well as high school distinct programming features. The distinct programming information may be helpful for any family with a student in grades 9-12. Alternatively, you may prefer to view the Grade 8 Parent Orientation power point. If you have additional questions please contact high school administration using the contact information noted at the end of either presentation or found on the web site.”



Passcode: 1F=ycBv&


Parent Orientation 2021 Powerpoint.pdf


Grade 10-12 Electives at FFCA High School 


Elective Program Gr9 Townhall Pivot Feb 2021.pdf




AHS COVID-19 Related Information for
Students and Parents
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