TA Opportunity for Semester 2 (Deadline February 2, 2018)

The Inclusion Team at FFCA HS is seeking two Peer Tutor Teaching Assistants for this semester. Peer tutoring is for students who want to support other students with math-specific knowledge, study strategies, and building positive peer-to-peer connections. As a result, candidates will only be considered if they have high academic standing (80% and above in the assigned subjects), outstanding character, and a passion for helping others. You may be supporting multiple classes, and usually in small groups of up to 3 students. Please apply directly to Mr. Lamb and Mr. Poirier in a 200-300 word essay and resume explaining why you would be an ideal Peer Tutor.

Currently, we are looking for two positions to be filled with both focusing on math tutor help. The positions we are looking for are for the following blocks:

  • Day 1 Block 2, Day 2 Block 1
  • Day 1 Block 1, Day 2 Block 2


Student Services - Inclusion

Inclusion at FFCA’s high school aims to provide aid to students through best practice teaching, supports and accommodations, and the sharing of information for all stakeholders involved in student learning.

We utilize the expertise of our two Inclusive Liaisons, counselors, literacy department, teachers, and administration to best support students in their learning and needs.