Student Services – Career and Educational Counselling

Students at FFCA High School are provided with extensive help in the areas of career and educational development.  These services include:

Career Counselling

  • Exploration of values, interests, abilities, and needs
  • Establishing career goals
  • Research and exploration of related occupations
  • Work Experience and Teacher Assistant programs

Educational Counselling

  • Inform students of information and regulations regarding high school diploma and post-secondary requirements
  • Selection of high school courses
  • Program planning
  • Student concerns regarding courses
  • Inquiries regarding course changes
  • Post high school educational planning
  • Displays and speakers from post-secondary institutions

Financial Assistance

  • Scholarship and bursary information
  • Loans and grant information for university and college
  • Ways to finance future schooling

Student Services - Career & Post-Secondary Information


Post-Secondary Update #15

Grade 12 students are making the transition from FFCA High School to post-secondary education.  Here are a few timely reminders from Ms. Geran about tasks that need to be completed.   Registering For Post-Secondary Classes: This is a critical task…

Post-Secondary Update #14

This update from Ms. Geran contains important information about students registering for their courses for the 2018-19 at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.  It is a student’s responsibility to be aware of important dates and deadlines…

Post-Secondary Update #13

Here are a few items of interest for our Grade 12 students from Ms. Geran. Alexander Rutherford Scholarship: Now that the first semester diploma exam marks have been released, I have been able to do calculations for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship. …

Post-Secondary Update #12

Welcome to Semester 2! Many FFCA High School students have received conditional offers of admission to post-secondary schools for the Fall, 2018 term. Remember that the race is not over until the last exam is written in June! You must continue to work…

Post-Secondary Update #11

The January diploma exams are almost complete and we are ready to start the second semester this week.  An important reminder for Grade 12 students – the race is not over until the last exam is written in June!  Here are some timely reminders for…


Post-Secondary Update #10

Time is passing quickly and Grade 12 exams begin this week.  Students must continue to work hard and the race is not over until the end of June.  Here are some timely reminders. Completing Requirements For Work Experience Credits:Students who have…

Post-Secondary Update #9

Here are some timely reminders for Grade 12 students and families regarding post-secondary applications. Ms. Geran does strongly recommend these applications be submitted before the Winter Break - only three weeks left! Additional application requirements:It…

Post-Secondary Update #8

Hopefully, students are refreshed following the Fall Break.  Ms. Geran strongly recommends students complete their post-secondary applications before the Winter Break.  This will occur in five weeks, so please don’t hesitate to ask Ms. Geran for…

Post-Secondary Update #7

Just a few items from Ms. Geran before the Fall Break. Do enjoy some time off next week. Ms. Geran will not be checking her FFCA email during the Fall Break, so please wait until after the break to contact her. Post-Secondary Applications:Many Grade…

Post-Secondary Update #6

The Importance of Making Good Choices: November is a good time for Grade 12 students to be submitting applications to post-secondary schools for the Fall, 2018 term.  It is important that these applications are done properly or students may not gain…

Post-Secondary Update #5

Post-Secondary Update #5: Lots of important information for Grade 12 students and families this week.    Out-of-Province University Fairs: During the week of October 23, over 50 universities from across Canada will be in Calgary.  This is a great…

Post-Secondary Update #4

Post-Secondary Update #4: Ms. Geran has attended three post-secondary updates in the last week.  Here are some highlights from these events.   SAIT: Applications open on October 18 for the Fall, 2018 intakes.  It is best to apply early for most programs. …

Post-Secondary Update #3

Post-Secondary Update #3: Last week, Ms. Geran attended four post-secondary updates for high school counsellors.  Here are some highlights from these events.   University of Calgary: The following chart shows Standard Admission Averages of the different…

Post-Secondary Update #2

Post-Secondary Update #2Lots of post-secondary information is starting to come in. Next week, Ms. Geran will be starting to attend post-secondary updates to bring students and parents the most current admissions information. FFCA Post-Secondary Fair:Our…

Post Secondary Update #1

Post-Secondary Update #1 Welcome back to the 2017-18 school year at FFCA High School.  My name is Ms. Geran and I help students with the educational and career-related questions they ask.  This is the first in a series of emails that will be sent to…

FFCA High School Students Excel at Earning Scholarships

As the guidance counsellor at FFCA High School, I receive many questions from students and parents about scholarships. With the ever-increasing cost of financing post-secondary studies, students are looking for more ways to pay for their education. Overall,…

Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions

The following is a list of Alberta post-secondary institutions.  Students are strongly encouraged to apply EARLY to avoid missing application deadlines.   UNIVERSITIES  University of Alberta – applications accepted year-round, but check deadlines…

myPass - Information and Instructions

myPass - Information Page myPass - Instruction Sheet myPass - Direct link

Ways to Finance Post-Secondary Studies

WAYS TO FINANCE POST-SECONDARY STUDIES  RESP funds and parental contributions Parental employers Student contributions - savings/summer jobs/part-time employment Apprenticeship/Co-operative Work Programs/Internship Programs Government-sponsored loans…

Grade 12 Planning Checklist

Open the following links for further information on: Grade 12 Planning Checklist Grade 12 Planning Checklist Other Important Notes